The Musica Boscareccia ensemble, created by soprano Alicia Amo and violinist Andoni Mercero, borrows its name from the collection of songs published by Johann Shermann Schein in Leipzing in 1621 (“Musica Boscareccia” – forest music – or “Wald Liederlein” – little songs from the forest), as stated on the first page of this edition. It is a group of variable instruments that is mainly dedicated to the interpretation of the chamber vocal repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries, from the songs for a voice with basso continuo to the cantatas with instrumental accompaniment. This is, therefore, a vast and extraordinarily varied repertoire that still contains many little known compositions, unpublished works and pieces that are still waiting to be rediscovered.

Their first CD, Dulce Azento, develops an important musical heritage recovery project by rescuing from the Archive of the Royal Chapel of Madrid four unpublished chamber cantadas composed by Francesco Corselli. It also includes the first recording of three sonatas for violin and bass by the same author. This CD has received several distinctions, including the nomination for the prestigious ICMA international award. Recently Musica Boscareccia have carried out the recording of their second CD, Sognando son Felice, dedicated entirely to Domenico Scarlatti.

The members that integrate Musica Boscareccia collaborate regularly with some of the main baroque groups of the Spanish and international music scene and their concert activity leads them to participate frequently in the most important music festivals and concert halls.

Musica Boscareccia has offered concerts at the International Festival of Santander, the Festival of Ancient Music of Casalarreina, the Ancient Music Week of Alava, the Organ Festival of León, the Season of the Orquesta Barroca of Seville, the Spanish Music Festival of Cádiz, the Salamanca Barroca Cycle, the Cultural Cordón Cycle of Burgos, the Festival of Sacred Art of Madrid, the Prince Felipe Auditorium of Oviedo, the Festival of Ancient Music of Aranjuez, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the Universo Barroco Cycle of the National Auditorium of Music, the  Festival of Ancient Music of Seville,…and they will be a resident group collaborating in the pedagogical project of the Festival of Ancient Music of Estella.


Dulze Acento, voz canora (Francesco Corselli)

Culto dará incesante (F.Corselli)

Qué violenta terrible tormenta - Francesco Corselli

Sonata para Violín (1776). Largo-Presto (F.Corselli)

Sonata para Violín (1768). Allegro (F.Corselli)

Pur nel sonno almen tal'ora (D.Scarlatti)

Dire non voglio tanto (D.Scarlatti)

Tuo mi chiami (D.Scarlatti)

Triosonata in Re Maggiore. Andante - K.32 (D.Scarlatti-A.Mercero)

Triosonata in Re Maggiore. Allegro - K.96 (D.Scarlatti-A.Mercero)