The massive production for keyboard of Domenico Scarlatti has been profusely researched, analyzed, interpreted and recorded, which reflects the brilliant and revolutionary character of this repertoire. However, Scarlatti’s vocal work, absolutely comparable in quality to his sonatas for keyboard, has received less attention.

Musica Boscareccia looks precisely at the less known production of Domenico Scarlatti and selects for this CD three of his eight cantatas for soprano, two violins and basso continuo. These cantatas, all of them with a love theme, can undoubtedly rival the best compositions of this genre during the 18th century.

The repertoire of “Sognando son felice” is completed with two Triosonatas for two violins and continuous bass based on the Scarlatti’s sonatas for keyboard,  in which Andoni Mercero aspires to emulate Charles Avison, who composed in 1744 twelve concerto grossi, widely known today in day, based on the sonatas of his admired Scarlatti.