The ensemble Musica Boscareccia borrows its name from the set of songs published by Johann Hermann Schein in Leipzig in 1621(“Musica Boscareccia” -music from the woods- or “Wald Liederlein” -little songs from the woods-, as it is written on the front page of this edition). It is a group on period instruments mainly dedicated to the performance of chamber repertoire from the 17th and 18th centuries. This is an extremely wide and varied repertoire which still holds many unrevealed compositions, unpublished works and pieces waiting to be rediscovered. Hence, it is Musica Boscareccia´s purpose to gather in its programs those pieces composed by well-known composers with this less frequent repertoire which deserves a space at the concert halls.


   Musica Boscareccia has recently developed an important project of  musical patrimony recovery: four unpublished chamber cantatas composed by Francesco Corselli and preserved at the Archivo General de Palacio in Madrid have been retrieved by the group. Musica Boscareccia has also carried out the first recording of such cantatas in a CD that includes as well three sonatas for violin and bass by the same author.


   The members of Musica Boscareccia collaborate regularly with some of the main baroque ensembles from the spanish and european music scene and their concert activity brings them to participate frequently at the most important music festivals and concert halls.


   Among the ensemble´s performances, should be mentioned concerts at the Festival Internacional de Santander, Festival de Música Antigua de Casalarreina, Festival de Órgano de Leon, Semana de Música Antigua de Álava (Vitoria), Festival de música Española de Cádiz, the season of the Baroque Orchestra of Sevilla, the concert series “Salamanca Barroca” and “Cultural Cordón” (Burgos).